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Craig Rainey Website Design
and Development Services
Craig Rainey Website Design
and Development Services



It can be difficult sometimes, to give an exact price when being creative and designing a website

because there are so many variables and individual needs.  I have a great general and

maintenance hourly rate of forty dollars but for the benefit of understanding typical cost, my basic

(per page) cost involved in preparing, setup, designing, building and developing a typical site

as described on the 'Services' page is around a hundred dollars.  The pricing for the work that I

do, can be more or less depending on the data, style and difficulty and does not include such

expenses as getting an ISP, a domain, domain forwarding, hosting, transfers, renewals, etc.

However, I'm happy to do this if you would like.  I get  an incredible deal on hosting with unlimited

storage, email addresses at your domain and more!

I'd love to hear your plan!  If you are interested in discussing website design/development or

just have a question—
drop me a line!
Don't Pay Thousands For Web Design!