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Craig Rainey Website Design
and Development Services
Craig Rainey Website Design
and Development Services


Custom Design
Obviously a professionally designed website is well worth what you pay for it if you are serious about attracting business
through your website.  One of the advantages I offer is that your site will be a custom site.  With no pre-packaged, cookie-
cutter templates or software to buy, a unique look and professional feel will set your website apart.

If you have a need for regular site maintenance but no time to code the changes yourself, I offer website maintenance on a
‘pay as you go’ basis or a monthly contract depending on your maintenance needs.

Search Engine Optimization
Can make or break an online business.  Before implementing SEO, research & market analysis must take place and I take it
seriously.  Without proper planning & strategy, your site can fall behind the competition and become a waste of your money.  
You’re on this site for a reason.  It could be your lucky day but more likely, its search engine optimization.  

A few things I offer in building your site
All the advice and assistance you need from me so that I can set up and design your website, including help with setting up a
domain, hosting or webhosting transfers.  My experience spans all aspects of online work from initial strategy to launch and
marketing.  I will acquire or assist in acquiring a domain name as needed, set up email to your domain, email addresses, file
storage, file management or most any other part of the process that meets your needs.  I offer this, together with an after-
design service that is worry-free and will make for a pleasurable and successful experience for you.

I will provide original header graphics based on your scanned logo or trademark
and modified to suit  or will design or provide one if you don't yet have one.

Image bars, custom color boxes, banners or other decorative features as appropriate
according to design and made specifically for your site.

Display any text that you provide by email or on flash drives/disc, etc. (I can handle any format).

I will create original background graphics / custom color schemes made specifically for your site.

State of the art flash, scrolling photo albums, online forms, interactive forms, data collectors
directed to preferred email addresses.

Maps and/or map links to Mapquest, Yahoo Maps or any other online mapping services in a contacts page.

Sizing and enhancement of all graphics and photographs to suit the design.

Provide links to other sites, pages or email addresses as appropriate and provide content links and page navigation graphics.

A text based navigation at the foot of multi-page sites.

Set up email addresses and contact data incorporated on each page as appropriate.

Testing of all links, both on and offline.

Training on management of your webspace.

Register and market your site with search engines on completion.

Provide applicable and effective tags for great search engine exposure.

Up to an hour of training to learn how to use email and how to adjust email settings.

Maintain a security copy of your website.

Set up links or embed code for you to maintain your personal blog or message board on your site.

Provide code/links (widgets) that you can give to others so they can embed on their site.

Install links or email from your website to mine or mine to yours for additional exposure.

Create entire flash movies and banners for your personal advertising to any social website.

FREE alterations to any of the pages for three months after completion of the work!

Your being completely jazzed with the final product!
Just A Final Word

A website should always be considered part of an overall marketing strategy.  Its important to
understand that you cannot simply put up a website and expect that all you have to do is wait
around for orders. In fact, I recommend that you use your website along
with other
marketing methods.  A website requires the same kind of promotion as any other business
before it can generate income or optimization wouldn't be necessary.

My best advice is that all marketing should correspond.  Similar look, similar logos, similar
offers, etc., all strengthening your message and integrity.  One supports the other.  The
customers you gain through other methods can become excellent web customers as well!  
Once you have traffic coming to your site, your website grows continuously because it becomes
your 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week 365-days-a year web storefront!
Don't Pay Thousands For Web Design!